Intel’s Next Unit Computing Brings Powers Of i3 And i5 To Tiny Motherboard

Rumors regarding a very small x86 from Intel have been doing rounds on the internet. Now, though, some details of the motherboard have emerged and they are quite surprising, to say the least. This motherboard measures just 4 inches on each side and is aptly titled NUC, or Next Unit of Computing.

Don’t be put off by the small size of NUC though. The even more surprising thing about this motherboard is that it is able to support Core i3 and Core i5 processors from the Sandy Bridge line-up with ease.

Not only that, the motherboard also has a number of other slots which essentially enables it to add other additional hardware. These slots include two for RAM, two PCIe slots for expansion, HDMI, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports.

This is, by no means, the smallest processor that has seen the light of the day. These are definitely a number of even smaller processors available. But what makes this one so special is that none of the other smaller processors have been able to support such a high-power processor so far. And that is a huge achievement.

Intel intends to hit the kiosks as well as Smart TVs with the NUC motherboard and hopes that it would be a great solution for such hardware. Moreover, from what we have been told by Intel personnel, the price of NUC will not be too hefty, so as to make it more affordable and convenient for prospective years. We expect it to hit the shelves by the second half of 2012.

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