iPad 5 With 4G, iPhone 4S Wi-fi Only And Other Fake Apple Products

What would be your reaction if you were handed an iPad 5 while Apple still hasn’t released an iPad 3? And to top it, what if that iPad supported 4G? This is exactly what is happening at Laos. Laos is well-known for producing counterfeit products of some of the most notable companies in the world. In it’s latest attempt, Loas has churned out fake copies of Apple products. These include a 4G-supporting iPad 5, and iPhone with only wi-fi and an iPhone clam shell device.

The first in the series of fake Apple products is an iPad 5. It comes with support for 4G as well as wi-fi connectivity and is available in white and black colors. Although the looks are somewhat sleek, the device is actually Android-powered and the touch-screen is not good enough. However, it is quite a sensation in Laos.

Next in the series is an iPhone clamshell device. It is perhaps one of the best-looking fakes. It comes with a lot of promises by the manufacturer but once you start using it, it’s simply a Java-powered handset, nothing more. Still, we have to give it even Loatian fakes are designed well.

And finally, there is the iPhone 4S wi-fi only, a version of iPhone 4S that doesn’t exist in the rest of the world but only in Laos. Again, it is a fake and well, the looks of this one are not good enough. However, the manufacturers of this fake device are still charging the Loatians a whooping sum of $125, which is quite a fortune in Loas. And even more interesting is the fact that despite the prices and the fact that these are fake, the products are quite popular in Laos.

Image courtesy thenextweb.

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  1. Phil Yate

    Absolute misinformation regarding Laos. Admittedly it sells fake ‘branded’ goods and pirated CDs – just like Thailand and the rest of the SE Asian countries do, and the tourists from the West love buying them. Laos produces little for the consumer beyond food and clothing. The counterfeit stuff all comes from China.

  2. RetireAsia

    Absolutely agree. Lady Gaga tweeted (more like crowed) that she was getting a fake Rolex while in Bangkok. $125 is quite a lot for many Lao, but you wouldn’t think that walking around Vientiane and seeing the number of locals with real $700 iPhones and Galaxys. The genuine article is available at a little over Thai prices. You can learn more about communications in Laos at http://go2c.me/laocomms.

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