iRobot’s Ava Preparing To Enter Health Care Industry

In order to expand the health care industry, giant Robotics company iRobot is going to make a new Robot named ‘Ava’. Ava is an app based robot. Being said that, its autonomous mobility will provide a performance advantage. iRobot has already invested $6 million to make perform this robot in the health care industry as soon as possible.

What Is AVA? :

AVA is a pedestal shaped bot on wheels which can autonomously navigate itself through a crowd without breaking anyone’s ankles. AVA’s head is basically a tablet computer. In fact, there is a plastic easel-esque part on Ava to hold an iPad or another tablet computer in order to make up the display. The lower body of the new robot contains a bunch of sensors. AVA uses two PrimeSense sensors. These sensors are used for 3D-location awareness. It is festooned with full of touch sensors. Its holonomic base allows AVA to move rapidly in any direction. In fact, AVA has six degrees of motion freedom. Its height can be adjusted. It can extend its body from 3 feet to 5 feet (max). Its weight is 40lb. Ava runs on Linux-based software. Top speed for AVA is supposedly 2 meters per second. This robot can operate for maximum 6 hours on a single charge and it can recharge itself. Ava comes along with a scanning laser and ultrasonic 2D/3D imaging too. Ava is very cute in looking. Its LED lights allow it to blush after making contact with a human.

Ava is a joint venture of iRobot and InTouch Health. The bot is designed as a platform for human-robot interaction. InTouch Health basically makes remote presence devices which runs through highly designed software. This software lets the caretaker to look after the patient remotely. Right now, the two companies are going to test out iRobot’s Ava for telemedicine. Ava use a tablet computer for a user interface. According to iRobot CEO Colin Angle, it will be used ‘for remote healthcare and assistive technologies for the elderly.’ Here’s a video :

As many countries are wriggling with aging populations, robotics companies are trying to spread their technology. The focus is telemedicine and in-home robots to address a growing need for healthcare. Last year, iRobot and InTouch Health announced a partnership to develop applications for InTouch Health’s systems. This developed applications are FDA approved and are used in 400 hospitals. Check out another video:

Since the past two years, iRobot has shown their magnificent technologies and creativity. In fact, the Ava platform can move autonomously by using sensors and work with different tablets. Android and iPad tablets are included also. In addition to health care, the company thinks it can be used also in many other things like as a mobile kiosk in stores, provide building security, or assist office workers for videoconferencing.

Ava At A Glance :

Versatile Platform

* The iRobot Ava™ development platform offers flexibility that supports development of a wide range of applications and accessories.
* Head Agnostic Design — for local or remote use (displays, tablets, pads, phones, etc.)
* Connectivity Options (WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, IR, etc.)
* User Interface Options (touch, voice, gesture, person-following, devices, etc.)
* On-Board Accessories (payload, videocon, sensors, actuators, etc.)
* Software Application Flexibility (open APIs using HTTP, Aware® 2 software, etc.)

Integrated Platform Vision

* Aware® 2 Robot Intelligence Software
* Software Developers Kit
* Remote Access Enabled—with easy-to-use API
* Head Agnostic Design—for use with diverse pad devices
* Application Accessory Support
* Telepresence Integration
* WiFi/3G/4G Cellular Connectivity
* Advanced Sensor Suite
–> Scanning Laser
–> Ultrasonic
–> 2D/3D-Imaging
–> Contact Bumpers
–> Cliff Sensors
* Touch Sensitive “Skins”—for local control
* Integration with future pad-based sensors (e.g. NFC, Barcode
scanners, cameras)
* Voice-Based Interaction
–> Speech Recognition
–> Text-to-speech
* Autonomous Recharging
* Omni-Directional Drive
* Adjustable Height Torso
* Manipulation

iRobot believes that its products will inspire game developers to push gaming into a new physical dimension. Right now it is a ‘concept car’ but in future we hope that they will be the perfect one to co-operate in health institutions.

Source : iRobot
Image Credit : Discovery News
Video Credits: ThisIsMyNextVideo, IntoMobile


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