iRobot’s Military Robots Learn To Find Their Way Home

iRobot Corporation designs, develops, and markets practical robots that tackle dull, dirty and dangerous tasks for consumers, governments and industry. We have seen iRobot’s many robots that are that are engaged in home and battle ground, and serving people proudly. Now the company iRobot Corporation plans to add some new features in their upcoming robots that would help them find their way home.

The company iRobot Corporation have provided government 510 PackBot line of small unmanned ground robots; the 310 small unmanned ground vehicle (SUGV) and XM1216 SUGV multi-purpose ground robots; the 110 FirstLook small, light, and throwable robot; and the 710 Warrior multi-purpose robot that is capable of carrying heavy payloads. iRobot’s latest military robot is the throwable 110 FirstLook. It runs on caterpillar tracks and resemble miniature tanks. It has the ability to right itself if it lands upside down and retrace its tracks if it gets out of communications range. These robots will soon be able to create a mesh network to connect to a remote operator. But giving independence to robots needs to be added bit by bit, rather than in one fell swoop.

“Government and military customers want more autonomy and the way to get there is through incremental changes to get the warfighter and the Army administration comfortable with it,” Trainer said.

About 100 piece of the 110 FirstLook robots were delivered to the military to help them creating a map of dangerous areas.

iRobot’s successful line of home robots and combat-proven government and industrial robots have helped the company maintain a market-leader position in the emerging robotics industry. They have took place in the heart of people. For more details about iRobot and its robots, click here.

Source : CNet

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