Hackers Create Iron-Man-3-like Personal Assistant OS JARVIS

Remember Jarvis from Iron Man 3? Iron Man relies heavily on Jarvis which is essentially an artificial intelligence assistant. Now, a group of hackers has set out to create a similar artificial intelligence assistant operating system and they’ve decided to name it ‘JARVIS’ too.


The whole thing started with the release of Iron Man 3. The movie inspired a young student, Chirag Dewan, to create a Jarvis-like assistant of his own. Soon, he was able to learn the basics of AI through many online courses and brought together a group of like-minded people.

Today, the team comprises of 7 people who have already completed two levels of Jarvis and are working on level 3 now. In its current state, even when it is not completed, JARVIS is able to perform a whole lot of impressive tasks, which shows promise for its future.

It can, for instance, recognize a user, provide information in response to different queries, can tweet automatically if instructed so and a lot more. The aim of JARVIS, Chirag reveals, is to create an assistant OS that can adapt to an individual user’s personality by learning over time.

Chirag states that it’s also possible for individual users to access such an OS remotely in the future and give commands simply through an app. This does sound a lot like Iron Man 3 but the fact remains that Chirag and his team still need a long way to go.

For now, JARVIS can take voice commands and then based on them, tweak light intensity, send out tweets, handle social media and email updates, scan targets for hacking purposes and a lot more. We sure would be looking forward to any developments on this front.

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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