ITRI’s Flexible 6-inch FlexUPD AMOLED Display

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) developed a 6-inch .1mm thick flexible FlexUPD AMOLED display.FlexUPD feature 5cm folding radius and 150 nits of brightness unbreakable constrution.FlexUPD AMOLED is hybrid 2D/3D display…..

Taiwas’s ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has developed a new 6″ flexible color AMOLED, using their FlexUPD technology. The display is just 0.01cm thick, and can continue to show images even when folded. The folding radius can reach 5cm or less, and the screen can be scrolled up to 15,000 times.ITRI says that their FlexUPD technology is the simplest and cheapest technology for mass production paper-like displays. FlexUPD will be commercialized soon, and AUO plans to use it for flexible e-reader products very soon.

The construction of an enabled i2/3DW display is comprised of three primary component layers: the conventional liquid crystal display panel (LCD panel), the dynamic black-light unit (DBLU) and the 2D/3D switching layer — that lies in between the LCD and DBLU panels, allowing the 2D and 3D display mode to be switched automatically. This feature differentiates ITRI’s i2/3DW technology from its competitors — to date, similar technologies have only focused on whole screen 2D or 3D display. i2/3DW is the first to make the integration of a partial switch possible. ITRI’s switching component is made of two polarization films, one microretarder and one low-resolution LC panel extremely inexpensive to make, making the i2/3DW technology affordable.

Features :

  • Simultaneous adhesive
  • Non-adhesive bonding
  • De-bonding layer between the glass
  • Flexible substrate
  • Active matrix backplane for high-quality color


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