Apple Finally Defeated By Samsung In Australia

Samsung has finally secured a win for it’s devices in Australia. Earlier a court had banned the devices and Samsung had appealed against it and won it. Apple vowed to file yet another appeal against this decision. But Apple has been denied an appeal and this means Samsung will be able to sell it’s devices during the holiday season, something really fortunate for Samsung.

It seems like a lucky spell for Samsung as it has secured a streak of legal wins against Apple. Apple had tried hard to gain a standing against Samsung in Australia. Although Apple had Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 successfully banned in Germany, it has failed in getting a similar win in Australia.

Apple’s appeal rejected by Australian court:
It has been about two months since Apple had a ban slammed against Samsung in Australia which stopped the electronics giant from selling certain devices in the country. Samsung appealed against the ban which a judge had termed ‘not terribly fair to Samsung’ and in an appeals court, the ban was overturned. However, Apple lawyers requested the court that Apple wanted to file an appeal against the decision and that the court may please keep the ban intact until Apple’s application for an appeal can be reviewed. The court had agreed and this bought Apple another week, with Samsung officials fidgeting nervously because if Samsung ban continued through the holiday season, it would have ruined business for Samsung in Australia. However, within a week of reviewing Apple’s application for appeal, the court has denied the appeal. This means Samsung can now sell it’s devices in Australia through the holiday season.

Image courtesy gillyberlin.

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