Kno, Startup Company, Welcomes Apple’s Competition in the Education Field

While for outside observers, Apple seems to act like the top of the food chain crushing any competition, when it comes to educational content for tablets, even startup companies welcome the competition with the tech giant. Officials speaking on behalf of Kno, a young company working on developing e-textbook software, are now appreciating iPads impact on the market. “Apple will raise a lot of awareness about digital textbooks and how education is going digital,” explained Osman Rashid, the company CEO.

Initially, Kno released a tablet specially designed to push to the market the company’s software but analysts and customers as well were not exactly happy with the product. Afterwards, Kno decided to develop educational content, and more specifically textbooks, for Apple’s iPads and the company got another chance to success. “We love the fact that so much light has been put on digital textbooks. Now we will fight on who has the better product, more interactive features, and a bigger catalog,” added Osman Rashid. In a larger context, while Apple just released eight textbooks, Kno delivers more than 100,000 similar software, so the startup has all the reasons to welcome competition on this field with Apple.

On the other hand, Apple’s newly updated iBooks 2 service is specifically targeting college textbooks. In addition, Apple’s negotiation power can be very convincing in discussions with publishers.


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