Google Shows Off Groupon-Killer

Google Wallet will be accompanied and funded by a deals network, much like Groupon, which provides discounts and a loyalty rewards program and kicks off in New York and San Francisco at retailers such as Macy’s, Subway and The Container Store and also will expand nationwide this summer. This year Groupon is on track to do nearly $3 billion in revenue and the astronomical growth of Groupon Google’s nearly $6 billion rumored-offer for the company last year seems less outrageous than it did at the time. It’s very easy to see why Google is so bullish on the local deals business, especially when you consider that nearly 80 percent of US small businesses have not yet tried them out and offers could easily become Google’s next billion dollar business a couple of years from now………….


Google launched its Groupon-killer, Google Offers in Portland, Oregon and Google is now planning to launch Offers in New York and San Francisco. And someone was kind enough to send us the briefing flyer that Google is sending to merchants in these markets to butter them up. The flyer includes everything that Google is going to do on launch day and the day after launch day to make its first deals in these markets a success. Specifically, Google is going to stage events on behalf of merchants :

  • It will park a truck in key locations advertising the merchants’ deals
  • It will provide “samples” from merchants from the truck

The day after the deal is offered redemption day and Google will send Googlers (presumably hired guns) to the merchant’s location to pass out Google-branded stuff and give away gifts that will “surprise and delight” the merchant’s customers. Some snapshots of the flyer:

Google Groupon Killer

Google Groupon KillerGoogle Groupon Killer



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