Linux Creator, Linus Torvalds Receives 2012 Millennium Technology Prize

Linux has become an integral part of the tech world. In fact, more often than not, it has lead the way forward, to newer innovations, better machines and more advanced features. In a way, Linux has truly transformed the world. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when Linux’s Creator, Linus Torvalds is awarded the 2012 Millennium Technology Prize.

The award is handed out every two years and is meant to be given for such innovation in the realm of technology that can have a significant, and good, impact on humans and human life.

In picking out Torvalds to be this year’s winner, the chief reason naturally was the fact that Torvalds created Linux and with that, he revolutionized the world. According to the academy’s announcement, ‘[Linux] has become the basis of Android smartphones, tablets, digital television recorders and supercomputers the world over. Today millions of people are using devices with Linux at their core that make their work and social lives so much easier and more pleasurable.’

The second major contender after Apple, in mobile devices, is Android. And again, it is heavily based on Linux.

The award goes to two winners each year. This year, Linus Torvalds will be sharing the honor with Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. Dr. Shinya is from Japan and has been widely recognized for his work in stem cell research. Both these gentlemen will be receiving their prize at Helsinki, Finland on June 13th.


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