Looksery Is An App That Can Transform Your Face During Live Video Calls

Addicted to the use of fancy photo filters and post-editing options? Then Looksery is the logical next step for you. The new app, which is currently seeking funds on KickStarter, can transform your face in photos and videos, even during live video calls.

Looksery app

The photo and video-editing technology behind Looksery is truly revolutionary. The app comes with a whole plethora of editing options and effects. You can, for instance, choose to have your face look thinner, appear zombie-like, accentuate specific features such as eyes or lips and perform a whole lot of other elaborately detailed edits.

In order to perform such fine edits, the app tracks your face in a photo or video by pegging virtual base points all over it. Going forward, it then uses these base points to alter and transform the looks. Perhaps the best feature of Looksery app is that you can perform these face-edits during a live video call. You can, for instance, make a video call and appear like a zombie talking on the phone. Such real-time, instant face-editing is something we’ve never seen before.

The app comes with 16 filters and a chat feature in it allows users to send the edited photos and videos alongside text to their friends. The team behind the app rightfully claims, “The technology that drives Looksery was built from scratch by our team.¬†We are the first company to bring the full power of such complex face tracking technology to mobile.”

The KickStarter campaign for the app aims to raise $30,000 and with 38 days to go, it has already attracted more than $7,000 in pledges. You can head out to official page of the campaign and back the app if you frequently pine for special effects during photo and video editing. The app will be made available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Source: KickStarter

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