Major Breakthrough In EV Technology To Recharge Batteries Conitually With Infinite Range

Potential Difference Inc. invented a new EV technology called Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology. This new innovation introduces major breakthrough in EV and HEV design. The technology will help all electric vehicles to recharge their batteries continuously and provide infinite range. Major automobile industries like GENERAL MOTORS, MERCEDES-BENZ, NISSAN and other institutions like NASA, US AIR FORCE, CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY, MIT and many more already showed their interests to adopt this technology. Mr. Thane Heins, the Canadian inventor and CEO of Potential Difference Inc., is providing free licensing of the Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology to Nissan, GM, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz.

The future EV and HEV design will be changed with the integration of Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology. This technology offers all EVs to continually recharge their batteries and provide unlimited range. This infinite rage electric vehicle technology is one step closer to reality.

This innovation allows the batteries to recharge virtually when the EVs are in full operation mode. The present technology does not allow this phenomenon. Battery recharge capacity is increased with unlimited range as the generator works as a motor and accelerates when a load is applied. According to Potential Difference Inc. [PDI], increasing the generator output (to any amount) will NEVER stall the system.

Thane C. Heins, President, Potential +/- Difference Inc. R & D also says

“Electric vehicles will soon be able to recharge and maintain a fully charged battery state during ALL operation such as EV acceleration, coasting and braking. Current regenerative braking systems only allow some moderate recharge capability on braking alone.”

Newton’s Third Law and Lenz’s Law are applied in this technology. Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology is demonstrated here.

In the below, there are two video demonstrations PDI provided for a Michigan based OEM which explains how the technology can be integrated into any EV, HEV or ICE vehicle.



Already some big names in the Automobile industries showed their interests in this technology. Recently Mr. Heins has decided to provide the free licensing of his patent. In the press release, it’s said,

An independent test of a Heins’ innovation conducted at the University of Ottawa required just forty percent (40%) of normal energy input to double generator output (200%). In addition to causing generators and transformers to increase power output while requiring substantially less gas, diesel, or input power, Heins’ discoveries could facilitate [motive] battery recharging while electric vehicles are under power.

Heins says, “Earth and mankind need clean and sustainable energy solutions now, not in twenty, forty, or sixty years. For this reason I’m freely offering my life’s work.”

While extending his offer to industry contacts, Heins explained his reasons by quoting Albert Einstein: “We shall all require a new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”



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