Apple Working on Computers That You Can Wear

According to New York Times, Apple researchers are busy in developing the prototypes of such products which  you can wear. Product which you can wear on your wrist, for instance, and they may send information back to iPhone. These products will also be compatible with other Apple devices such as iPad and iPod. According to the article, Google is also working on similar products for Android smartphones.

Both Apple and Google are working on these projects secretly. They haven’t issued any official acknowledgement about it. Yet, according to different ‘inside’ sources, they have even produced some prototypes and are testing them.

As far as Apple’s wearable computers are concerned, Apple will also most probably use Siri on them. The idea is to let you wear a product, for instance on your wrist, and then communicate to it through your voice. It may transmit the instructions back to iPhone or iPad etc. Imagine telling  your iPhone, through a wrist-watch, that it needs to start a download.

These products will not be stand-alone devices in themselves. Rather, they will contribute to the better functionality of smartphones and a much better user experience. They will of course make data transmission and getting things done through smartphone like a breeze.

The future of such pace of computer technology, MIT researchers argue, is that one day people will wear glasses and lenses with pre-fed data on them and will watch things on these very screens. This will significantly alter how we perceive things and will give people greater freedom to tweak things such as how their dress looks to others’ ‘lens’ etc. Although this seem far-fetched but it is all very possible in the realm of computers.

Image courtesy sfslim.
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