Microsoft App Creates 3D Models From Cellphone Pics

Microsoft has created a latest app that can create a 3D model out of a series of cellphone camera photographs. This new trick developed by Microsoft’s Interactive Visual Media Group.

“We want everybody with a cell phone or regular digital camera to be able to capture 3-D objects,” says Eric Stollnitz, one of the Microsoft researchers who worked on the project.

The application takes up to 40 photos that you take around an object and use them to build a detailed 3D model, one that you can spin around and check out from whatever angle you want.

Then, it breaks the image apart and molds it into a 3D model in virtual 3D space. Once processed, Users can then download the model and navigate around it with a flick of a finger, navigating around as if they were walking around the object.

Checkout the video below.


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