Microsoft Expands The Azure Cloud Storage Bundle

Microsoft has recently announced that it is expanding its Azure cloud storage bundle. According to the company, the new offering is a CommVault Simpana data feed and access portal. These would be presented in a single Azure cloud storage suite. Microsoft and CommVault already have a partner relationship and this new offering is essentially a result of it.

According to the documentation for this new package, ‘CommVault software’s archiving enables MS Azure to be a central storage location for archived and backed up data for Exchange Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL Server, Windows OS, Lotus-Notes/Domino and other heterogeneous file system data used in IT today.’

CommVault asserts that the Simpana offering will be very instrumental in accomplishing more by using less bandwidth. This will be accomplished by data deduplication capabilities of Simpana. Before data is sent across the network, the data deduplicate app will be used on it.

Also, given the fact that Microsoft and CommVault have an existing partnership, this new offering for the Azure Cloud will also be able to make use of Azure as the back-end repository to keep all data back-ups and for the purposes of data archiving.

Enterprise users of CommVault will also have the option of utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage now. The two companies are working closely on a number of other ventures and we can expect more joint products and services as a result of this partnership.

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