TOUGHBOT: The Advanced Robot For Surveillance, Reconnaissance And Inspection

Inventions of new technologies force to lag behind the old technologies. But the Robotic technology has created such a new Robot being called ‘TOUGHBOT’ that can not lag behind no matter how fast the technology advances. In fact, Toughbot has especially designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection. This article contains some details of the new robot and the technology. Have a look.

TOUGHBOT has been made with the latest technology (Tougher Electronics). In fact, it is the perfect one to stay in the battlefield as well as for other operations. Having the Compact Color Camera and Infra-Red Camera (Night vision), enables it to search in a better way. It can also be used in a rescue missions. The TOUGHBOT is a small in size and light in weight (only 9 Lbs). This affordable robot has the ability for surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection. The including water resistant shell will protect the infrared camera. It can be used for any purposes like law enforcement, engineering, military or building inspection purposes.

With Max speed of 1.66 m/s (3.7 mph), this 4WD electric vehicle comes with high-torque gearing and motor and rechargeable batteries. Toughbot can be charged with your own vehicles’ 12 volt battery, no matter where you are. The high powered transmitter and receiver lets you see where you can’t see. Being a Teleoperated FPV (First Person View) UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), you have the ability to control it from safe comfortable location. The movement is so natural that, it seems you are inside the vehicle (though you are not, but just controlling through remote) As, THOUBOT has the ability to record videos, you can take it to hazardous environment and record videos. Check out the video.

Well you if you have missed something from the video, here is the summary of this marvelous vehicle :

Vehicle :

* 4-Wheel Drive Platform
* All Aluminum Body
* Billet Aluminum Wheels
* Hi-Torque Motors
* Easy / Intuitive to use
* IR Front Facing Camera
* Carry Handle
* Lightweight : Only 9 Lbs
* Range 500 Ft. LOS
* Wheelbase: 7.5 Inch
* Ground Clearance: 1.5 Inch
* Zero Turning Radius
* Min Speed: .06 m/s
* Max Speed: 1.66 m/s (3.7 mph)
* Max Incline: 30 Degrees
* Payload: 7 Lbs
* Invertible
* Dimensions: 14” W x 14”L x 4.75” H
* Low Profile -Perfect for Under Vehicle Inspection
* Stainless-Steel Fasteners
* Rugged
* Run time: 1.5 Hrs
* Water Resistant

Vision System :

* Compact Color Camera
* Completely Mobile: no AC required
* FPV (First person View)
* High-Power Transmitter/ Receiver
* Operators Control Unit
* Infra-Red Camera (Night Vision)
* Live Feed
* Recordable Video
* Virtual Reality Ready
* Rapid Deployment
* Range 250 Ft. LOS

The Toughbot Robotic Platform is going to cost$ 4,990. Well, what are you thinking? Wanna SPY on someone? Do share with us.

Source : Toughbot

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