Microsoft Is Working On TouchScreens With 1ms Lag

Toushcreens are increasingly being used in many devices, including smartphones and tablets. Recently, Intel unveiled it’s concept of using touchscreens in ultrabooks. This makes them a very important feature for the tech users today. It has now been revealed that Microsoft is working on touchscreens which will have a lag of just 1ms.

It may sound insignificant to you or unimportant, but let me give you a perspective. The touchscreens that are currently being used have a lag of around 100ms. This means that the time between your touching the screen and the response generated on the display is quite large and can be actually perceived when you give a closer look.

But Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group is working hard to change this. According to a video released by the group which shows a futuristic vision where the lag time will be just 1ms. This essentially means that with such a touchscreen there would be nearly no pause between your touch and the response that is generated. Paul Dietz, who is a part of this group, says that a benchmark of 1ms is a significant step forward and a worthy goal.

The demo that is being given in the video posted below isn’t that of a real touchscreen which actually has 1ms lag. Rather, the input from the screen is artificially projected just to give you an idea of what such a touchscreen would look like.

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