Microsoft Office To Arrive Soon On iPad And Mac App Store

Microsoft has no tablet presence on the market and certainly won’t for some time to come, therefore in order to make available Office to the host of tablet users it must strike a deal. And the partner who benefits might as well be the Apple and its iPad. Microsoft hasn’t said anything official about it, but since it has been struggling on the market, a partnership with Apple who holds 80% of the tablet market might make perfect sense.

The Daily reported the plans Microsoft is supposedly concocting in order to introduce a basic version of its Office suite to the next generation iPad that will be out on the shelves next year. The report goes on to say that Microsoft is also working on an updated Office for Mac. The Lion version will soon be distributed in the Mac App Store, side by side with the applications distributed by Apple.

This is good news considering the fact that ever since the iPad was first introduced, users have been constantly complaining of the absence of any reliable word processing program and that the similar apps that are available from Apple, do not work well. So if you ever had this problem in the past, when considering buying an iPad, now you won’t have to think about that anymore.

Apparently, Microsoft will offer these apps at a bargain price. It has been speculated that the price tag for both App Stores will be similar to those of the iWork apps, meaning just $10.


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