Scan Everything With The Palm Sized Portable X-Ray Device : Better Than Traditional X-Ray Devices

When we here the word X-ray the first thing might comes to our mind is visiting a doctor, lie down on something and some kind of invisible rays scan the body and and later a machine gives the result. Right? But, scientists discovered harness Portable X-rays performs beyond our imagination. Today scientists are working with breakthrough technology to create x-ray devices that are small enough and light enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Scientists at Tribogenics are trying to challenge the traditional x-ray technology and establish their discovered miniature x-ray device to us. CEO Dale Fox and Chief Scientist Dr. Carlos Camara are leading the world into a new era of x-ray technology.

There is a half-inch or smaller sized chip in this miniature device. This palm-sized harness portable X-rays uses static electricity to scan virtually. It can identify the world around us. It can scan anything like gold, ring, led anywhere. This portable x-rays can be used in battle fields by soldiers to diagnose the field instantly whether there are any mines or hidden bombs or not, in playgrounds to examine whether the players are fit or not for playing, in engineering to find which part of the warp core is missing and lots of other places.

At present, this device is trying to replace the traditional x-ray machines. Scientists hope that, this device will be used everywhere soon where the word ‘scan’ is related. Check out the exclusive video.

Source : Yahoo News



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