Monitor Your Heart 24/7 With Basis Band Monitor, The Perfect Solution For Heart Patient

With the huge pace at which technology is advancing, a very positive aspect is that we are witnessing advancement in the field of healthcare too. The idea of having a digital heart monitor has been prevalent for quite some time. But so far, barely any such solutions were present in the market which were feasible and could be used around the clock. However, now Basis Band monitor, displayed at CES 2012, may turn out to be a perfect solution for heart patient. Shaped like a wrist-watch, it can be worn at all times.

Heart patients do need a 24-hour monitoring. While this is not done in nearly all cases, it is what should be done. The reason why it isn’t done is that it’s impractical, or it was impractical until now. Now, with Basis Band monitor, this is not a problem at all. Basis Band is a sleek, nifty heard monitor that  can be strapped on the wrist like a wrist-watch. It comes with multiple sensors which are able to measure heart beat, activity level, calories burned, body temperature and galvanic skin response. The best part about this all-in-one device is that it can be worn all day long. Being so light-weight and small, it is extremely easy to carry around and very efficient in monitoring body’s activity.

Currently, Basis Band monitor is available in Black and White colours. It is water-resistance and has a USB charger which requires to be plugged in for just an hour to recharge the battery fully.It also presents data in the form of charts and tables to make it more understandable for a common user. Currently, the device is tagged a price of $199 and can be pre-ordered. 



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