Mozilla Firefox 11 Is Here, Download Now!

Mozilla folks have been rather quick on this upgrade. That is because Firefox 10 wasn’t very far back in the past and now, we have yet another upgrade of the browser. This new version of the browsers comes with a number of new features and enhancements. These have been detailed below.

The new features that Firefox 11 incorporates include the ability to import bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies, settings and form data from Google Chrome. This is definitely something which can be very useful for you if you are planning to make a switch from Chrome back to Firefox. Although I doubt there would be many such people but I have seen a few who are genuinely nostalgic about a genuinely open-source experience.

Other new features that are a part of Firefox 11 include new tools for developers. For instance, it has the Tilt tool for inspecting elements, 3D rendering support, a new style editor and of course fixes for a number of bugs that were contained in the last version of the browser.

Another very promising feature is that of the ability to synchronize add-ons across multiple computers. Also included is the SPDY protocol which helps load pages faster. But it may not be a fully-functional feature since the release notes say the features is ‘testable’ in the new version.

So if you want to try your hands on the version 11 of Mozilla Firefox, head straight to this page to download it.

Also, if you wish to know the details of the upgrade, you need to give a look to the release notes here.

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