Upcoming Netflix Competitor Shaw Movie Club

Shaw Cable’s Netflix competitor bypasses bandwidth caps on its way to the TV and the $12 per month service offers unlimited access to hundreds of the best Hollywood movies and also  plans to have high definition feeds later this summer for an additional $5 cable companies in the US have a similar scheme under the name Vutopia. Such a move places Shaw’s upcoming Movie Club service at an advantage to a competitive movie streaming service such as Netflix which is already having to downgrade its default service in Canada because of bandwidth caps and the move would be akin to Comcast exempting customers of its Xfinity service from its data cap…………


The next step in delivering value and flexibility to customers is here with the Shaw Movie Club and this new service gives Shaw customers access to hundreds of movie titles for only $12 per month and is part of Shaw‘s ongoing commitment to provide more content on demand. The Shaw Movie Club features unlimited access to hundreds of titles like The Expendables, Burlesque and Red. Unlike similar programs, customers who subscribe to the Shaw Movie Club will have access to newer movie titles that are updated monthly to watch streaming online or directly on your TV. Customers can also get their Movie Club content in High Definition later this summer. For an additional $5 per month, all titles will be available to customers with the stunning quality of Shaw HD, thanks to the Movie Club HD Pass. “The Shaw Movie Club is the result of listening to our customers and delivering products that fit their needs and the way they use technology,” said Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc. “The Shaw Movie Club brings our customers more choice and value – they get the best titles available to enjoy whenever, wherever they want.”


The Movie Club launches on the heels of Shaw‘s new Internet packages, which provide customers with dramatically increased data levels and speed. Customers can access the Shaw Movie Club through several platforms:

  • Through the Shaw Gateway – available to Calgary and Edmonton customers,
    with Vancouver and national dates to follow through the summer
  • www.VOD.SHAW.CA log in with their customer care identification or Shaw email. They can
    then search for titles available with the Movie Club subscription – a
    select number of titles are available for streaming online, or to order
    to their Digital Box
  • Searching for titles on the VOD App for iPhone and Android – search and
    order titles to customers’ Digital Box to enjoy in the comfort of their
    own homes
  • Movie Club can be added to customers’ entertainment packages through the Shaw Plan Personalizer, which enables all customers to customize their home entertainment services by choosing the features they love and want.
  • Customers can sign up for the Shaw Movie Club at www.VOD.SHAW.ca and take a guided tour of the Shaw Plan Personalizer.


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