New Audi 3 Unleashed In Geneva

A number of stunning automobiles are being featured at the Geneva Auto Show. For those who tool Audi or have been planning to get an Audi sometime soon, the good news is that A3, the most affordable Audi in US, is getting a major update. The update will be incorporated in the 2013 model year. Given below is the list of cool features that are now a part of the crave-worthy car.

The new Audi A3 comes with three-door hatchback. The virtue of this three-door style is that the height and length of the Audi remains the same. However, what is changed with this new style is an extended wheelbase and a widened stance. Audi has another, five-door model, in store which will be unveiled some time later.

There are three engine choices with this model for the European users. 1.8-liter gase engine, 1.4-liter gas engine and a 2-liter diesel engine, all being turbocharged. According to Audi, all these engines are new. In the earlier model, a 2-liter diesel engine is being used but given Audi’s statement, it seems that even that has been updated in the new model.

The inside of the car is as impressive as what Audi is known for. It comes equipped with all the standard navigation system, which includes Google Earth integration and a number of driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. The LCD is the standard, LED-lit screen which rises to the dashboard when the user wishes to use it.

The position of the Multimedia interface (MMI) is pretty strategic, being placed right under the shifter. This essentially gives the drive an easy access to them without having to move his hand away from the shifter. MMI is used to control the content being played on the LCD. For those who want a top-of-line music system in their ┬ácar, Audi’s new model definitely does not disappoint. It comes with the Bang and Olufsen audio system with 705 watts of amplification and 14 speakers. However, you’ve got to pay an additional $1183 to get the puppy into your car.

Overall, Audi A3 refresh is definitely what one would expect from the company. It is very impressive and given the fact that it’s a mid-range automobile, it definitely does well for it’s price.



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