New Safety Airbag Suit ‘Safety Sphere’ Saves Life From Motorcycle Accident

Whether it’s your fault or not, accident may happen any time. A motorcycle accident is usually indescribable. Most of the time, the rider end up either going to graveyard or in a hospital. Since long, designers have been trying to make a such a motorcyclist suit, that will not only be comfortable to wear but also it will keep the rider complete safe while occurring an accident. Recently, a Canadian designer Rejean Neron has invented a new safety airbag concept suit named ‘Safety Sphere’ that is perfect from all sides.

Till now, we have seen many airbags placed in different places. Such as, airbags built into the vehicle in Honda, or it was included in the rider’s dress in D-air or Spidi or Hit-air. But above all, Neron’s ‘Safety Sphere’ is the perfect one that riders have been looking for a long time. Look at the video first.

About Safety Sphere :

Safety Sphere is basically a next generation motorcycle airbag suit. It is comprised of two loose fitting layers. The outer layer is made of inelastic, parachute-like material. The inner layer is made of a thin elastic synthetic. Safety Sphere is totally based on Inflation system. While accident occurs, it inflates to a man-sized sphere, completely enveloping the rider and saves life. At the time of driving, the motorcyclist is tied up with a cord. This cord is connected with an electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle. The electronic circuit processor runs through a 9 volt battery.

How Safety Sphere Works :

Neron explains: “In a collision situation, the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle. The cord connecting them to the motorcycle seat disconnects, the electrical voltage plummets, and the electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle housing of each occupant connects the 9 volt battery to an electric igniter in the back housing of their respective suits.” So, while motorcycle accident happens, it takes only 0.05 seconds to inflate the suit. By inflating, it will turn into a giant orange ball (according to the video) and will roll out like a marble. While it rolls out, the rider stays inside the big ball and remains safe.

Hope so, it would be very useful for stuntmen. Well, price tag has not been fixed yet. But, whatever it is, safety should be the first issue. Isn’t it? Share with us, what you think?

Source : Motorcycle News
Special Thanks To : Blast-Media


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