Next Generation LTE Chips To Cut Power Consumption By Half

One of the main laggings of LTE technology is the absence of integrated support for voice and SMS services. This undermines the possibilities of LTE networks as a standalone architecture. To overcome these shortcomings of LTE technology, VoLGA Forum was formed to develop standards and guidelines for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service. We have also seen some successful testing of VoLTE.


But, VoLTE was not free of faults. It is a major power killer for mobile devices. VoLTE calls are reported to drain 50% more power than CDMA based calls. However, this situation may took a reverse turn. Mobile chip-maker ST-Ericsson has reported that next generation LTE radios with VoLTE capabilities will actually increase battery life; that power savings may reach as high as 50% compared to current energy requirements of VoLTE calls. Added to that, the technology will ensure higher efficiency in the protocol stack by reducing signaling overhead, and will ensure higher quality at areas with weak coverage.

Among U.S. carriers, MetroPCS has already launched VoLTE in select markets; Verizon Wireless is expected o launch the service sometime this year.

Source: BGR

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