Nokia Patents Vibrating Stickers And Tattoos That Can Alert You When You Get A Call

Imagine you are wearing a tattoo somewhere on your body. The tattoo vibrates whenever you receive a call on your smartphone. Also, it vibrates differently when different people are calling so that you are able to tell who is calling from the pattern of vibration. This is precisely what Nokia probably hopes to see in the future, or so a patent by the company suggests.

The tattoo that Nokia has patented will be made up of ferromagnetic ink. And so, whenever a magnetic field is produced in your cellphone, which happens whenever you get a call or a text, the tattoo will vibrate. You can then assign different ringtones to different contacts and correspondingly, the tattoo will vibrate with varying frequency so that you would be able to tell who is calling.

Moreover, the tattoo will also vibrate when you get an email or a text message. In this way, it will enable the users to stay on top of anything that happens on their cellphone, the very moment it happens. While that is just a start, the technology can be tweaked to alert the user for whole lot of things so that he is able to stay abreast of, say, breaking news or alerts.

For those who tend not to like the idea of wearing a tattoo on them, the patent also speaks of a stick-on version of the ink. You can wear it when you want to have yourself posted with your data updates on your cellphone in real-time and when you don’t like it, you can remove it.



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