Novell Asks Bill Gates To Hand Over $1 Billion

In a lawsuit filed against Microsoft, Novell has asked the tech giant to pay $1 billion. Novell has alleged that Microsoft had planned to use it’s WordPerfect writing program but later changed plans and this cost Novell a huge fortune. In the latest hearing, Bill Gates himself appeared in the court to testify against the claims by Novell.

In the case, Novell has accused that when Windows 95 was about to be launched, Microsoft had hinted that it would include Novell’s WordPerfect writing program in the windows. But then Windows developed it’s own writing program and rejected WordPerfect. Novell lawyers say that this costed Novell hugely as it’s market share of computer writing program fell from more than 50% to less than 10%.

It was legitimate – Bill Gates:
Bill Gates appeared in the court to testify against Novell in this case. According to Gates, the writing program by Novell wasn’t good enough. It could have crashed Windows 95 and that’s why Microsoft rejected it, Gates said. Microsoft lawyers said that any losses that Novell suffered were it’s own fault because Novell couldn’t produce a good enough writing program.

Novell’s lawyers admit that Microsoft wasn’t legally bound to buy the product. But the real grudge is over the claim that Microsoft somehow hinted it would buy the program and fooled Novell into believing this only to reject it at the last moment. This, Novell lawyers say, is the reason why Microsoft should pay such a hefty sum.

The judge has refused to dismiss the case, which Microsoft requested but he said that Novell’s is a very weak one. Let’s see if the tech giant is actually made to pay $1 billion.

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