Now SPB TV for Windows Mobile in version 2.0

SPB Software has released the updated version of its SPB TV application for Windows Mobile devices, both touch and non-touch enabled. Version 2.0 is now a free application as SPB gets its money from ads that are shown in the period while the channel buffering takes place.

In addition to switching to ad-supported model, SPB TV 2.0 now offers video on demand (VOD) option, allowing users to control what they are watching and when. Moreover, there’s an Advanced Video Codec (H.264) support that improves video quality.

Rest of the features remain intact and include:

* Integrated TV Guide with the list of current and upcoming TV shows
* Program browser with fast channels launch and switching
* Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture mode)
* On-Screen Control Panel
* Setting a Reminder
* Video Quality Switcher

SPB TV is available for multiple platforms, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and webOS. Additionally, there’s also SPB TV Mobile Operators Solution that allows carriers to couple SPB TV with their own infrastructure and various subscription models.

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