NTT Unveils An All-New Video-Conferencing System – Transplants Faces On Telepresence Screens

Video-conferencing has increasingly gained traction as more and more companies look for quicker and real-like video interactions. But now, NTT is working on a video-conferencing system that could truly change the way we video-conference. Imagine a screen projecting a person’s image and moving precisely as per the head-movements of that person – the person, in fact, would be somewhere far away, talking to you via video.

This video-conferencing system has been titled ‘MM-Space’ by researchers at the Japanese company, NTT. This is how it works. It takes the images of a participant, removes the background from the images so that the image projects only the face of the speaker. Finally, these images are reproduced on a transparent screen.

The most interesting thing about this system is that these screens move right along the movement of the speaker’s head. For instance, the screen will move to left if the person whose image is on the screen, turns his head to the left. In this way, all those present in the video-conference get to have a very real feeling of the speaker’s presence.

Moreover, the images are reproduced in a ‘recreation room’, so that if all the persons are video-conferencing, they feel like they are right next to each other, with their facial images moving whenever they move their faces. This is as close to mimicking real-life as it gets in video-conferencing, so far. The details of the system are yet to be revealed and also as to when we can expect it to come to the commercial sphere.

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