Cisco CEO Accuses Huawei Of Not Always Playing By The Rules

Huawei has been under a lot of criticism of late. The company has been accused of links to Chinese government as well as of a lack of transparency in its operations. Huawei is a direct rival to Cisco as the supplier of networking equipment around the world. Now, the CEO of Cisco, John Chambers, has stated that Huawei doesn’t always play by the rules when it comes to protection of intellectual property and computer security.

Naturally, the views of Mr. Chambers can be supposed to be a tad bit biased since he belongs to a company that is a direct rival of Huawei. This was also manifest in his statement when immediately after lambasting Huawei, he went on to say that Cisco is far more trusted by governments and organizations around the world.

Mr. Chambers further stated that Huawei wasn’t the same as China and that his comments do not apply to the Chinese government itself. This, again, is understandable since Cisco has a lot of business dealings in China.

However, Huawei was quick to respond to such allegations by stating that it was a well-trusted company around the world. According to Huawei’s vice president of external affairs, ‘Such comments are unfortunate. Huawei has great respect for Cisco and, like Cisco, Huawei has earned trust and respect in the over 140 markets in which we do business, supporting over 500 telecommunications operators and connecting almost one-third of the world’s population.’

Chambers also raised a number of some very valid points in his interview. For instance, he said that the US government should ease taxation policies to make domestic investment more attractive for companies and that students from abroad should be allowed to study and then stay in US so that they could be employed by tech companies. ‘Staple the green card to the diploma’, he stated.

Image courtesy WEF.

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