$199 OMsignal Smart Shirt Can Monitor Your Fitness And Vitals

We have seen some halfhearted attempts at smart dresses in recent past. OMsignal has now gone full-throttle on the concept, offering smart shirts which can keep a close track of your fitness as well as vitals and inform you about them through an app.

OMsignal shirt

The OMsignal shirts come with a number of sensors sewn into them. These sensors are able to take an amazing stock of your physical performance. They can, for instance, keep tabs on your heart rate, movement, breathing rate, calories consumption, movement intensity and more.

All this data, gathered by the sensors, is relayed to a small ‘black box’ controller which accompanies the shirt. Once the data reaches this black box, it also becomes available on the accompanying smartphone app.

OMsignal app

Commenting on this intriguing innovation, CEO and co-founder of OMsignal said, “Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day.¬†You would never drive a car without a speedometer, RPM or a fuel gauge, right? Well, with OM, you now get a dashboard to better steer your life, to increase your self-mastery, to push your fitness performance, and live a healthier lifestyle.”


The company is currently offering four shirt styles for males, including a sleeveless shirt, an under-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt and a casual T-shirt. So you can choose between either of them, depending upon the way you want to use it. You can, for instance, get an undershirt to help you monitor your physical performance at office or work.

Or you can buy the sleeveless version and wear it to your workout sessions. Given their usefulness, these shirts can be particularly useful for professional athletes. And although the $199 price tag is a tad bit steep, it doesn’t sound like much considering the amount of technology that has gone into these shirts.

Source: OMsignal

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