Joy Of Tech Illustrates Apple And Samsung Settlement Talks

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a bitter legal feud over the past few years. Each of them alleges the other side of infringing upon a number of patents. Whereas Steve Jobs was very strong in his opinion of the Android platform, and in his ambition to ‘destroy Android’, his successor seems milder. Now, Joy of Tech has done an illustration of the ongoing settlement talks between the two rivals.

The interesting thing is that while both companies are locked in a number of lawsuits against each other, both depend on each other hugely. Samsung is one of the key suppliers of the chips that go into Apple’s iOS devices. Apple, on the other hand, is the major buyer from Samsung of these chips, making it a very valuable client to the Korean company. Despite this inter-dependence and rather, intimate relationship, both companies have been spending a lot of time and energy into patent infringement lawsuits.

While Steve Jobs definitely intended to go all the way to ‘perish’ the Android platform, his successor, Tim Cook, does not have such strong opinions of things – rather, he seems to understand that he must concentrate more on Apple than elsewhere. And that is precisely why, officials from both companies have finally started meeting to reach some kind of settlement talks.

However, since its a start after years of rivalry, there may be a lot of problems. Joy of Tech has fleeting referred to them, albeit as light humor, in the illustration posted above. But one hopes that the two companies will be able to overcome these sentiments and go for genuine problem-solving.

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