Peek Ships 2,000 Devices To Hackers, More Units Still Available For Giveaway

Peek had officially made it’s devices available for hackers when it’s CEO, Amol Sarva, announced that the company was ready to ship the rest of the devices in it’s stock to such hackers who can do something ‘interesting’ with the hardware. The devices had been handed out to hackers and today, Sarva revealed that so far, he has shipped out about 2,000 devices to the hackers. But don’t worry, if you can pay for a prepaid shipping label, you can still get yourself a 20-unit pack, which are still in stock.

Sarva said that the devices had been shipped to areas as diverse as Bangalore, Brooklyn and Paris. Clearly, one think that hackers around the world do love are free devices. Whereas Peek has already handed out 2,000 devices, it has now 20-unit packs on stock now. Sarva said that to ship these packs would cost a significant fortune and so, currently the packs are shipped only to those who can pay at least for the shipping charges.

If you are a hacker and you think you can make something out of the Peek devices, do mail Sarva at amol+2pack at peek dot com. However, he needs you to have a prepaid shipping label before you hit him with a mail because only then will he be able to ship the pack to you.

Peek will also further facilitate the hackers by releasing some tools and source code soon, Sarva said. These tools and source code will be made available on the Posterous site.

Update: We have news that email address is not working at this moment. Stay tuned for more news.

Image courtesy engadget.

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