Plans Unveiled For Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation

A new hypersonic jet, dubbed ZEHST for Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation and will reach speeds of 3,125 mph, or roughly four times the speed of sound (Mach 4). The project calls for the development of an aircraft that would travel just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and emit little to no pollution, while officials admit that commercial flights on the aircraft could still be decades away, they are adamant that the technology involved isn’t simply the stuff of science fiction………..


European aerospace giant EADS on Sunday unveiled its Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation (Zehst) rocket plane it hopes will be able to fly from Paris to Tokyo in 2.5 hours by around 2050. “I imagine the plane of the future to look like Zehst,” EADS’ chief technical officer Jean Botti said as the project was announced at Le Bourget airport the day before the start of the Paris International Air Show. The low-pollution plane to carry between 50 and 100 passengers will take off using normal engines powered by biofuel made from seaweed before switching on its rocket engines at altitude. The rocket engines, powered by hydrogen and oxygen whose only exhaust is water vapour, propel the plane to a cruising altitude of 32 kilometres (20 miles), compared to today’s passenger jets which fly at around 10,000 metres. “You don’t pollute, you’re in the stratosphere,” Botti said. To land, the pilot cuts the engines and glides down to Earth before reigniting the regular engines before landing. EADS hopes to have a prototype built by 2020 and for the plane to eventually enter service around 2050. The project is being developed in collaboration with Japan and uses technology that is already available. A four-metre model of the plane, which looks similar to the now defunct Concorde supersonic jet, will be on show at Bourget for the biannual aerospace showcase which begins on Monday and opens to the general public on Friday.


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  1. Anonymous

    EADS vs Airstream Train
    Statement of clarification:

    For REAl Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation

    EADS has proposed a speed of Mach 4.  By definition, that speed is not hypersonic but supersonic.  Hypersonic speeds start from Mach 5.
    Furthermore, the concept of a Hypersonic Passenger plane is unworkable.
    Supersonic passenger flight, in the form of the Concorde and Tupolev TU-144, proved to be a failure for sound reasons.
    There are three main problems with supersonic and hypersonic Flight.
    • The friction and heat on the wings at such speeds are problems that have not been solved.  This unsolved problem brought both the Concorde and TU-144 down.
    • There is the unsolved problem of navigation at hypersonic speeds.
    • The space requirements of the runways necessary for launching and landing such an aircraft are prohibitive.

    In contrast:
    • The Airstream Train has no wings.
    • The Track is the navigational component.
    • It runs from city center to city center.

    One Airbus A380 buys 100 Airstream Trains.

    The Airstream Train is the only Zero Emission Transportation System in the world.
    why does EADS waste Taxpayers money — and yes it is YOUR money that
    EADS wastes — on such an unsustainable, overpriced, unreal concept?
    Because Airbus wants to sell more of their aircraft.  They have to
    make it look as though their technology has a sustainable future.  So
    it is in their interest to claim the invention of what is really not
    their technology: hypersonic transportation.
    fact NASA and EADS have spent many many hours on my website and copied
    it so that they can study technology that they don’t understand but
    would like you to believe they do.

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd.

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