PlayStation 3’s 3D updates

Updates of PlayStation 3 coming in june 10th to Japan..

We told you before about some of Sony’s plans to bring 3D games to the current generation PlayStation 3, including the news of Killzone 3 being confirmed to have a playable, fully 3D campaign.

While we already knew that we would start hearing and seeing more about 3D titles coming to PS3 in June, Sony Japan put a specific date on a number of downloadable 3D titles.

Last we heard about 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3, it was “coming shortly”. That was back in April. But now it really is coming shortly. Sony just announced that Firmware update 3.20 will release June 10, and will provide 3D support to selected software.

Good news / bad news, folks. First with the smiles: PlayStation 3’s first 3D-enabling updates are due out on June 10th for downloadable titles Super Stardust HD, WipEout HD, and Pain.

Starting with the Japanese PlayStation Network, Super Startdust, WipeOut, and Pain will all be getting the 3D treatment and will be ready for download on June 10, although, you will have to have a 3D TV to take advantage of the technology.

Current owners of these games will be able to update WipEout HD and Super Stardust for free, though Pain will require a separate ¥300 ($3.29) purchase in Japan to unlock its 3D mode (with ¥300 also added to the game’s price for prospective new owners). No word yet if a charge will apply outside Japan, though it seems likely. There’ll also be a 3D mode added to a demo of Motorstorm 2.

Those that already own Super Stardust and WipeOut will be able to update their games to 3D free of charge. However, everyone will have to pay for the 3D version of Pain which is selling for ¥300 (USD $3.30).

The first two games get the added dimension for gratis, but Pain lovers (who should be accustomed by now to its abundant premium add-ons) will need to fork over ¥300 (approximately $3.28) for the benefit. The other stickler is that these updates are so far only announced for Japan.

And by merit of a Bravia promotion, Europe as well. So what’s a North American gamer with a penchant for wearing special glasses to do? Keep waiting, true believers.


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