PrimeSense Announces World’s Smallest 3D Sensing Sensor, Capri 1.25

PrimeSense is not a new name in the arena of technology. The company is very well-known for creating sensors that are widely used across the industry. It now seems that PrimeSense is now aiming to take things to an all-new level. The company has announced Capri, the world’s smallest 3D sensor.


In the past, PrimeSense’s sensors have been used by many eminent technology vendors, such as mObi. The company has a repute for creating the highest-quality technologies related to 3D sensing as well as natural interactions.

Now, it has announced the launch of a new sensor, namely Capri 1.25. Capri, in itself, is actually the name of a new System-on-Chip that has been developed by PrimeSense. The company has coupled this with a new Reference Design and by combining the powers of the two, it has created the new 3D sensor which also goes by the name of ‘Capri 1.25.’

Given the tiny size of the sensor, it is very well positioned to be used in laptops, tablets and a whole range of other mobile devices. In fact, it would seem that PrimeSense has developed the sensor with the mobile space in mind. The company plans to launch this new sensor during the CES 2013 which is scheduled during the second week of January.

Commenting on his company’s new product, PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha said, “With a mind-blowing size reduction, Capri’s size is about x10 smaller than the PrimeSense’s current generation of 3D sensors and it is certainly the smallest 3D sensor in the world. Capri is small enough to fit into today’s most popular Smartphones while still providing the highest depth performance (short and long range).”

Source: PrimeSense

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