QR Codes Digital Pop-Up Book – Creative Solution In e-Book Vs Paper War

Amaranth Borsuk, a book artist and poet, along with her husband Brad Bouse who is web developer manage to create an augmented reality book of poems. “Between Page and Screen” is a volume that manages to appeal to e-book lovers and also to the readers loyal to traditional paper books.

“Between Page and Screen” contains 44 pages with printed QR codes that reveal their hidden message when connected with a specially designed app that is able to decode them. Readers should go to the official website and read the book with the computer web camera that allows the computer screen to display pop up animated poems.

So, no dilemma here: the book cannot be deciphered without a digital device, a computer or tablet, and the device has now message to decipher without the printed QR codes from the book. “Between Page and Screen has reinvented visual poetry, doing so by displaying hieroglyphs that humans can read only through the eyes of robots,” explained the authors.

For now, the “Between Page and Screen” is available only for preorders on the Siglio Press official website, for the price of $25. Apparently, only a limited edition of 250 signed and numbered books has been published so far and the eager customers could get their hands on a book. For the general public, the publication date has been set in April 2012.


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