Qualcomm And DISH Announce Plans Of Collaborating For Satellite Chipset

DISH and Qualcomm have revealed plans that they will be collaborating to make use of the Snapdragon S4 SoC. The collaboration will see this popular chip being used in wireless devices that the two companies have planned for future releases.

DISH is hoping that with this partnership, it will be able to create such mobile handsets which can then use integrated 3G and LTE and at the same time, the users of such handsets can make use of a satellite mode. Given the fact that a number of other vendors are offering 3G-capable devices, the satellite angle is what may make these DISH handsets a success.

Apart from the satellite service, DISH also hopes to make use of its spectrum and offer wireless broadband services on the ground. This new ventures seems to carry great significance for DISH since according to the company, moving forward and remaining competitive is absolutely critical for DISH at this time.

For now, FCC has yet to approve of these new plans by DISH but meanwhile, it is moving forth and trying to decide on the hardware to be used. According to the plans, Qualcomm will utilize Enhanced Geostationary Air Link (EGAL) technology in order to provide satellite and terrestrial modes on 2 GHz/AWS-4 band.

DISH’s partnership with Qualcomm is also looked upon, by some, as a decision that seems hasty, especially since DISH’s new solution is still in its earliest stages. However, it seems hopeful with this partnership and aims to deliver newer services and products as a result of it.

Source: Slash gear

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