Thorium-Fueled Engine May Run For Century After One Refuel

One of the key problems faced by the automobile industry today is that there is an imminent need for sustainable fuel options. To that end, Thorium may be the perfect answer. Being the most dense material in the world, a mere 8 grams of Thorium can let a standard car run for nearly 100 years!

Thorium concept car

Not only do we need a good, sustainable source of fuel today but we also need to make sure that such a source is clean and not detrimental to our environment. Thorium fits the bill perfectly! Laser Power Systems (LPS) is a company based in Connecticut, USA which has been working on devising a method to use Thorium in an automobile.

To that end, LPS has devised a number of prototype engines which can consume Thorium as fuel. The current models which are successfully able to do so weigh nearly 500 pounds and are about the size of the engine in a standard car.

Thorium fuel concept

Since Thorium is incredibly dense, only a very small amount of the material is needed to generate immense amounts of energy. According to the CEO of LPS, Charles Stevens, one gram of Thorium is able to deliver as much energy as is provided by some 7396 gallons of gasoline.

Thorium is also hailed by many as the perfect alternative to Uranium. The material itself is a lot safer than Uranium, is far less reactive and is able to produce clean energy without having any adverse affects on the environment. With such traits, it is no wonder that many consider Thorium the future of automobile fuel.

Courtesy: Industry Tap

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