Remote Conductor Turns iPad Into a Trackpad

A new application for wirelessly controlling a Mac computer from an iPad has released in the App Store.Mobile software developer m3me has released it.Remote Conductor turns your iPad into a productive multi-touch peripheral for your Mac and allows you to manage most common tasks right from your finger tips.

Company m3me has built Remote Conductor for iPad around three common tasks: Track, Launch and Switch. The main goal is to allow you to:

1. Use your iPad as a large, wireless, multi-touch trackpad.
2. Find and launch Mac applications easily from your iPad.
3. See all the open windows on your Mac and quickly switch between them.

All you have to do is run Remote Conductor on your iPad, then use a WiFi connection to communicate with a free server program called Conductor Server that will run on your Mac. You can install the Conductor Server on as many Macs as you like. Remote Conductor’s user interface will work in any orientation. You can switch modes by simply tapping an icon or performing a gesture.

The iPad application has three modes: Trackpad, Launch and Switch. In Trackpad mode, your entire iPad surface becomes a large trackpad, with support for multi-touch actions. The trackpad supports most modern multi-touch gestures as well as some that are unique to Remote Conductor.

In Launch mode, a master list of all of your applications, organized by folder, will be displayed on-screen to provide you with rapid access to application icons. Applications that are pinned to your Mac’s dock are presented as a scrollable row at the bottom of the view so your favorite apps are easily accessible. In addition, Remote Conductor will automatically find all the programs in your Mac’s Applications, Utilities and Developer folders.

Finally, in Switch mode your iPad becomes a powerful application and window switcher. You can scroll left and right to see application windows organized by application. You can also scroll up and down if a single application has additional windows. We liked that in Switch mode the iPad application will also cover windows you’ve minimized, as well as windows in any additional spaces you’re running.

Check out the following video for a demonstration of Remote Conductor for iPad.


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