Researchers Plan To Use Satellite To Prevent Ship Sinking Event Like Titanic

Titanic sank on 15 April in 1912 in North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. The main criminal for this tragic incident was an iceberg. Many people died in that tragic incident. At present, there have been a lot of ships made that is even much bigger and heavier than Titanic. These ships have advanced technologies. But danger doesn’t come by informing earlier. Based on the Titanic event and focusing on the iceberg, scientists are trying to prevent ship sinking incident using satellite. A test result shows, no ships will sink further if satellite technology is used.

Iceberg is such a thing which a threat to the ships. Icebergs are not static. Rather they change their position with the flow of water. More over, due to thick fog or rough seas, these icebergs can’t be seen neither by human eye nor by a ship’s radar. Scientists have already tried many tests. But those test were not up to the mark. Scientists painted icebergs, but the colour washed off. They tried to plant radio transmitters on icebergs from a plane, but unfortunately those transmitters fell into the water. They also tried to explode the icebergs in 1959, but just a few piece from each of those icebergs broke which were dangerous as well for the ships. After experimenting these tests, as scientists find no good result, so they have decided to implement an early warning system for the ships.

The International Ice Patrol (IIP) decides to deploy a radar-equipped aircraft named Hercules which will collate reports from all the passing ships and satellites. And therefore, every ship will be able to get a warning or danger signal if they head to an iceberg or to a very near ship. Using this technology, it will decrease the probability of collisions with an iceberg or ship. It means, this technology is not perfect yet but scientists understood, this is the best way till now to prevent further ship sinking incident.

If you are interested to know more about the titanic’s sinking incident, then don’t forget to watch the Exclusive Wreckage Of Titanic on this 15 April, 2012. Hope so, scientists will come up with better technology or ideas very soon to prevent the ship sinking incidents.

Source : Mysinchew


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