Ring FM E:Can+ review

The FM E:Can+ is a good-value choice, as long as you’ll use all its functions, since basic inverters are available for less.

The FM E:Can+ is a three-in-one inverter. Its main job is to provide up to 150W of mains power so you can plug in your laptop, or any other 240V appliance that you might want to use or charge on the move.

Second, it’s an FM transmitter so you can play music from your MP3 player through your car stereo speakers. There are 10 preset frequencies to select from – not as convenient as models that can use the entire FM range – but you should be able to find some clear air.

It’s a little disappointing that there isn’t a display, or that Ring couldn’t have printed the frequency labels much larger. Of course, FM transmitters that can automatically locate the clearest frequency are even more convenient. At least Ring bundles a minijack to minijack cable for connecting your MP3 player to the E:Can.

Finally, there’s a USB port so you can charge a device without requiring a mains adaptor. The can design means it should fit snugly in one of your car’s cup holders, and we like the fact that the cigarette lighter adaptor slots into the E:Can’s base when not in use.

The FM E:Can+ is pretty expensive, and if you only need an inverter, the compact Ring MP:120 is around £10 cheaper. Still, if you were planning to buy an FM transmitter as well, the FM E:Can+ is a good-value choice.

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