Rumor: Apple Planning To Release TV in 2012 With 55-inch OLED Display Of LG

Apple is to incorporate its Apple TV service into full television sets by the end of 2012 with a 55-inch LG OLED unit the first in-line to sport the iTunes streaming service and has risen to popularity with new rumours suggesting the on-demand content service will land in LG television sets next year. The 2012 Apple TV set release Apple plans to launch a Apple HDTV service which will allow users to download and stream Full HD 1080p video content direct from iTunes…………….


Apple has included Australia in a list of countries that the Company wants rights to first run movies for. They are also looking to launch a 55-inch OLED TV. Among the rights Apple are after are current TV shows being aired in the USA, claims a Hollywood lawyer who believes that Apple will launch a new TV in 2012. There is also speculation that Apple has held discussions with LG Display the Company that makes display screens for MAC products, about the possibility of getting access to a new 55-inch LG OLED panel that will be used in a new Apple TV that will be capable of delivering music, video & TV shows over an IP network. In other Apple news, the Company that has amassed a war chest of $80 Billion dollars in cash and securities was tipped as being interested in acquiring the rights to the Hulu online video service.  Hulu‘s media company owners, Walt Disney, News Corporation  and NBC Universal, are offering suitors a five-year extension of program rights, including two years of exclusive access, people familiar with the matter said earlier this week.



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