What Is The Source Of Recent Technological Breakthroughs?

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You might be wondering about the true purpose of Google X.

But before that – what is GoogleX?

Do you think it aims to support projects at Google? You might also preassume philanthropy is its purpose. But neither of the two is true.

Google X is an innovation lab, which experiments on new ideas in hopes to build something that can become the next big thing.

Google X receives more than 100 ideas per year, but only a handful of those ideas get the opportunity to work with Google. These ideas get additional support from Google.

One of the most successful projects which came out of Google X is Waymo. The agency was valued at $70Billion by a Wall Street Firm. This firm built technologies that help a car navigate through roads all by itself without any human intervention. Later on, many top automobile manufacturers have presented their own prototype of driver-less cars.


Google X does not share information such as its yearly budget, staff and so on with the external world.


Google co-founders Page and Brin came up with the idea of an office position- Director of Others. This person will not involve with the regular operations of Google, but search and nurture ideas that have great potential.

What is GoogleX?

Among many others, Google Watch was one of the very first graduate projects from GoogleX. Furthermore, another ambitious project by GoogleX is Project Wing. Google aims to use drones for delivering packages in remote areas. Needless to say, Amazon is also trying to build such a technology for its delivery services.

GoogleX is working to make internet accessible to more and more people. In this regard, they are carrying out Project Loon. Google aims to beam internet beams straight from the sky. This technology will bring internet to millions of people living in the remote areas of the world.

Wrapping Up!

Another graduate of GoogleX was Google Brains. This firm built technology that helps machines to interpret images and audio. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Artifical Intelligence.  

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