Rumor: Pre-sale of the Apple iPad in next week?

According to, you can pre-order an Apple iPad in the next week. The site mentions that February 25th is the probable date of the beginning of pre-order. But Steve Jobs announced on January 27th that you will get it after 60 days of announcement. As it’s not confirmed by Apple, we classifies this date of pre-order as a rumor. cites that:

It’s time to warm up your credit cards folks. Despite the fact that you won’t have it in your hands before March 29th (or 60 days after the announcement, according to Steve Jobs), you should be able to put in your iPad order as soon as next week.

According to a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter, Apple will be starting the presale of the iPad as soon as February 25th.

Presale will be US only, and should be limited to the Wi-Fi version for now. If Apple holds to the announced schedule, you should then receive your iPad within approximately 30 days.

I don’t believe this pre-order date personally. I just shared this with you, just to know whether you know something or not about this. if you know anything, just comment here.

Steve Jobs said that the Wi-Fi units would start shipping about 60 days after the announcement with the 3G models to follow a month later, no official release date has been announced and thus far, potential customers have been asked to fill out a “notify me” form at Apple’s website for more information.

Source: AppAdvice

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