Run Full-Screen iOS Apps On Your Apple TV

With the untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.0.1 by Pod2g, things have been rolling. The untethered jailbreak is being deployed to all iOS devices as well as all the popular software that are used for jailbreaking. The latest in the series of awesome exploits uncovered by this untethered jailbreak is this: now you can run iOS apps on Apple TV!! This is undoubtedly one of the coolest exploits as a result of Pod2g’s hard work. A recent update even allows you to run full-screen iPad apps on Apple TV.

Check this video below

This latest hack has been accomplished by iOS hacker TheMudkip. The demo that can be seen in the video above has been done by Steve Troughton. Steve had been updating his Twitter timeline as soon as the hack was accomplished. He then tested a number of iOS apps on Apple TV and finally announced that the hack was finally working.

You can now run iOS apps on your Apple TV without AirPlay, with the help of this new hack. All you need is to jailbreak Apple TV and the let the fun begin!

Latest update: Full-screen iPad apps on Apple TV:

And here’s more from the two brilliant hackers who have opened the world of iOS apps to Apple TV users. According to this latest update, Steve Troughton and @TheMudkip have also achieved running full-screen iOS apps on Apple TV. This means that you can use Facebook full-screen on your Apple TV.

Video courtesy psychochromatic.

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