Russia Deploys World’s First LTE Advanced Network

Yota, Russia’s largest ISP that once sailed on WiMAX technology, has launched the world’s LTE Advanced network. Although, LTE Advanced has been ratified as a true 4G technology, Yota’s LTE Advanced network would not certify as the first 4G network in the world as off yet.

Yota logo One of the prime criteria to be certified as a 4G network is to deliver 1 Gbps bandwidth at user end. Yota’s LTE Advanced network will currently deliver up to 300 Mbps to end users. You are probably asking yourself, then how come AT&T or Sprint sell 4G services? Well, that was just a marketing stunt. In reality, these operators are selling 3.9G services.

To date, Yota has deployed 11 base stations. The Russian operator will continue to expand its LTE Advanced network in business areas. Average customers will have to wait till the formal introduction of the technology.

Source: Yota

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