Samsung Creates World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

Samsung partnership  Silhouette to create the world’s lightest 3D shutter glasses.New glasses are 10g lighter than conventional 3D glasses and weighs just 28g, said Samsung.This 3D glasses can be adjusted according to an adult or kid with eliminating the need to purchase an extra pair…….

Samsung released through the first 45 years of the new 3D glasses proud history and tradition of the Austrian luxury eyewear brand ‘Silhouette‘ This is a product of the joint. ‘Silhouette’ the user can not fit enough to almost feel lighter consisting of the hinge screws are not used ergonomic design and breakthrough technology is renowned for.Samsung Electronics’ silhouette ‘By partnering with the design, showcasing 3D glasses the world’s ultra luxury more than anything had glasses lightweight and comfortable enough to forget the greatest features ergonomic design.

Samsung luxury 3D glasses Weight 28gjust for, the shutter glasses 3D glasses in the world at The light as well as comparison with conventional 3D glasses has been reduced by 10g.The existing bridge connecting the front frame and the hinges nor was straight legs.Unlike conventional 3D glasses your hair is very flexible in the cold, sleek design of the materialwere transformed completely into. Depending on the height of the nose as well as to replace the base with a nose for adults, children, regardless, because it provides the best fit.3D glasses for adults, children no longer have to be purchased separately.

3D glasses takes the most weight of driving circuit and the battery behind the ear behind my glasses was placed on. This eyewear front frame and legs in the center of gravity design a 50:50 ratio, The nose takes direct fit and reduced weight.So customers without the inconvenience of glasses flowing down comfortably in a stable posture can watch 3D TV.The development and showcasing 3D glasses are a variety of luxury applied over large numbers of advanced features, ease of use has been greatly improved.

The charger automatically charged to your wireless ‘Wireless Charge Ready‘ ability to mount on the existing 3D glasses must be plugged in to charge one hundred and twelve is no longer a hassle.Also, no separate power button, whether the user’s were automatically detects and power On / Off the ‘Auto Power On / Off’ features have been equipped and efficient power supply is available.Samsung Electronics unveiled the world’s first ultra luxury 3D glasses in the CES 2011.


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