Samsung Going Massive Production For Flexible AMOLED Displays In 2012

Samsung want to introduce smartphones, wrist watch with these flexible displays in 2012. Samsung is been a frequent source of frustration, teasing us with its fabulous flexible displays for years, while never giving us a date when we could buy one for our very own. To reach that goal Samsung Mobile Display sets up a joint venture with Ube Kosan to mass-produce bendy AMOLEDs for watches and phones.

Ube Kosan is a japanese company which can deliver the plastic substrate material to SMD. SMD want to ramp up a new plant with 1000 m² to ramp up a production line.

According to DisplaySearch the flexible Display market is expected to reach 2.4 billion dollars in 2015. The conclusion is that we will see first flexible or bendable products from Samsung in 2012. We may also find the AMOLED Displays in Galaxy-S3!

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