YouTV – YouTube’s Plans To Turn Channels Into Web TV

YouTube has recently revamped it’s entire interface. It has also started collaborating directly with content producers to generate content for YouTube. In a recent interview, The New Yorker asked Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Global Head of Content, that where does he see YouTube in the coming days. In response, Kyncl detailed out a web-TV like model for YouTube through YouTube channels, ran directly by original content producers.

During the interview, Kyncl said that the future of TV is going to change rapidly. According to him, TV will be limited to only niche content in the coming days and that makes YouTube’s channels an ideal platform to put up this niche content and let users access it from all around the globe.

As of right now, YouTube is directly hiring companies as well as personnel to develop original channels with unique content. This is not a direct hiring, rather the content production is ‘commissioned.’ This means that those who are producing the content still have the freedom to create the content of their choice. All they have to do is to produce a certain amount of content per week, whatever the amount is agreed with YouTube.

According to Kyncl, this production model seems very attractive to content producers. They can present their content very conveniently to a global audience very efficiently. Once the YouTube channels have found their respective audiences, they can then get the such advertisement which intend to target the audience of their particular niche. And in this way, advertising will become more focused, advertisers will have access to a suitable audience whereas content producers will reap revenue and at the same time, not annoy their subscribers with irrelevant ads.

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